Set Point!

Our Mission

We serve many multinational companies, helping them to navigate an Israeli pension system that is unique, vibrant and often quite complex.

Israeli law differentiates between a pension agent and a pension consultant. We are pension consultants, acting with full objectivity and disclosure, and legally bound to work in our clients’ best interest.

Services include establishing and monitoring your pension activities in Israel vis-à-vis all the various players – including insurance agents, insurance and pension providers, and employees.

We are highly experienced in providing comprehensive professional services and reports in English according to the standards of the various Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and in accordance with each company’s specific requirements. Our aim is to ensure the company's legal and business interests, achieving the employee's optimal pension benefits, while maintaining transparency and reporting clearly in English.

רשיון ליועץ פנסיוני
רמי סגמן
רשיון ליועץ פנסיוני

Rami Sagman

Founder, Co-CEO

A licensed pension consultant, Rami was one of the first in Israel to understand the need to separate consulting from the insurance sales process, years before legislative action on the issue began in 2005 following recommendations from the Bachar Committee.

After leaving the Zion Insurance Company, where he served as a branch manager in Haifa, Rami identified the market need for a company such as Set Point! to provide objective and independent advice for the client’s benefit.

The company was founded in 1998. Since then, Rami and the dedicated staff of Set Point! have been providing advice to a variety of clients, including leading Israeli labor organizations, corporations, factories, public organizations, international high-tech companies and nearly 100 kibbutzim.

A founder of the Association of Pension Advisers in Israel, Rami serves as a lecturer and facilitator of pension insurance workshops. He presents the often complex and confusing subject of pensions in a clear and relatable manner that people can grasp, including recommendations for smart pension management.

Over the years, Rami has taken the initiative in expanding the company's operations to keep pace with changing market conditions, bringing on board a team of experts in the fields of actuarial science, pensions, risk management, economics and law.

Set Point! is proud to tailor unique and personally suited solutions to each customer. The company's motto, “Our expertise, your success,” has indeed proven itself over the more than two decades of Set Point!’s activity.

Rami holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University, a BA in Psychology and Economics from the University of Haifa, and a CLU credential from the American College of Financial Services.

In his spare time, he practices Tai Chi and is a licensed tour guide. He occasionally organizes and leads custom-made trips in Israel.

050-530-2242  |  rami@setpoint.co.il

אריה שטראוס

Arye Straus


Head of Kibbutzim and Moshavim Division

Arye earned an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University, as well as a BA in the Humanities from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed a pension insurance course from Netanya Academic College. Certified as a senior director, Arye is also a senior accountant. He has three children.

Arye has served as a director at industrial concerns and kibbutz organizations, and he is an experienced CFO, investment adviser and controller. He volunteers in various social forums and kibbutz institutions, especially regarding children with special needs. He also participates as an arbitrator and/or mediator in disputes between the kibbutz and one of its members.

Arye possesses decades of experience in management, planning, building and implementing economic models, as well as in managing complex systems. In 1998 he developed unique software for managing command and control through which social decisions of an actuarial nature (pension, long-term care, survivors, worker’s disability, etc.) may be managed. Set Point!’s team of actuaries continues to develop this software according to client needs.


Arye has developed unique expertise in supporting, establishing and placing reserve (and trust) funds for constructing economic solutions for social issues (allowances, long-term care, bequests, supplement for insurance, etc.). He works closely with and advises about 100 such funds. In some cases, he has been involved in all phases, from idea through meeting approval.


Arye heads a team of experts for drafting and analyzing reports regarding the pension rights and obligations in kibbutzim and moshavim (actuarial balance). The reports are put together in a process that is completely adapted to the needs of the kibbutz/moshav, and they provide command and control over social security and pension, a sphere that is responsible for managing tens of millions of shekels.  


Arye had also developed unique tools for implementing and integrating articles (and arrangements) into economic systems, with emphasis on command and control of the kibbutz/moshav management, while detaching the undesirable dependence on outside parties (agents and arrangement managers).


An essential principle is meticulous adherence to complete independence from insurance companies and financial institutions. In this way, we succeed in obtaining optimal conditions in the market for our clients.


At Set Point!  “putting the client first” is simply how we do business – every day.


arye@setpoint.co.il   |   052-501-3000

אפרת צדקה
רשיון ליועץ פנסיוני

Efrat Zadka

Manager, Pension Clearing House Activity

Efrat joined Set Point! in 2013 as part of the pension consulting and corporations team.

She has more than 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and has been employed at some of Israel’s leading pension insurance agencies.

She specializes in operating various types of pension insurance, with emphasis on payment control, building and presenting pension portfolios, and providing explanation and advice about available pension plans.

Efrat is highly experienced in pension consulting and operation for both private clients and employers.

She received her BA in Political Science and Sociology, and is licensed as a pension consultant by the Ministry of Finance.

גפנית נחמן זקצר

Gafnit Nachman Zexer

Head of the Professional Department

Gafnit joined Set Point! in 2012.  Prior to that she worked for about 10 years in the actuarial departments at two large insurance companies. Her primary focus is managing and developing the professional sphere for the Kibbutzim Division.

She is an expert in building actuarial balance sheets, drafting management reports, putting together simulations, multiyear forecasts and economic plans, developing  applied and useful models, and more.

As head of the professional side of Set Point!’s operations and being responsible for maintaining constant contact with dozens of kibbutzim, Gafnit provides close support and answers for daily issues that arise regarding pension and social security matters faced by the pension teams and kibbutz managements.

Gafnit earned a master’s degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Haifa, and her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is an actuary and a licensed pension consultant.

Gafnit is married, the mother of two children, and lives on Kibbutz Hatzor. 

Gafnit@setpoint.co.il   |   052-405-0710