Risk Management

Led by Rami Sagman, Set Point! has been active since 1998 in counseling on various economic, financial and insurance issues. We provide objective advice for a wide variety of clients in the business, public and institutional sectors, including both organizations and private clients.

Set Point! professionals from the fields of economics, funds, finance, insurance, taxation and law help our clients to identify, map, and protect themselves against various business, financial, insurance and other risks. All this is done while leveraging our experience and reputation in business sector risk management.

The company specializes in reviewing the organization, identifying risks, finding and tailoring solutions, both for insurance and other issues. Throughout, our aim is to improve the extent of insurance coverage and minimize insurance costs.

Among the additional services we provide:

  • Supervising and monitoring policy reviews.
  • Supervising and monitoring handling claims.
  • Preparing insurance specifications for current needs and for meeting tenders. This includes defining the required extent of coverage, the amounts of insurance, and adjusting the policy terms according to the organization's needs.
  • Planning and monitoring the insurance activity, including current activity with the insurance companies chosen by the organization.
  • Helping manage the current work with the insurance agency/company operating in the organization.


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