Pension Counseling for Private Clients

As a Set Point! private client, you deserve our close attention. We will organize all the relevant material required for a consultation meeting, and meet with you in order to learn your desires and personal preferences. Combining that with your individual condition regarding the various aspects of pension, insurance, occupation, health, family, economic and financial conditions, we will provide you with objective and professional counseling to help optimize your personal pension coverage.

As an additional service, we can monitor implementation of the recommendations we make, to ensure your personal decisions are being respected. Ongoing oversight of your pension portfolio is also possible, tailored specifically to your situation and goals.

What is a one-time pension counseling session?

In the pension counseling process, we review all of the client's pension and insurance plans, including pension funds, provident funds (kupot gemel), study funds (karnot hishtalmut), insurance coverage (risks), as well as health and long-term care (siudi) insurance policies.

Objective pension counseling improves the client's protection, betters his pension portfolio, and provides more information regarding the pension products he possesses on several levels:

  • Matching the extent and quality of the insurance coverage in direct relation to the client's medical and personal condition and the client's desires, in the most professional manner without any foreign interests and/or any conflict of interests.
  • A professional and objective examination of funds being channeled into the various pension products, improving the savings percentage (without increasing the insurance fees), and reducing costs whenever possible.
  • It provides the client with a complete picture of his/her pension condition, including the insurance coverage he/she possesses. The counseling includes a thorough and professional explanation of the various products the client possesses and the available possibilities for improvement.
  • Pension counseling, as opposed to pension marketing, remains completely objective and is client-focused. The independent consultant receives his/her fee from the client (and not as a commission from the insurance companies). Thus, he/she is committed only to the client’s best interests, while completely avoiding any conflict of interest.
  • At the end of the pension counseling process the client receives a detailed report, providing an accurate picture of his/her insurance and pension situation.


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