Maximizing Pension Benefits

When an insurance event occurs (accident, illness, disability, work disability, etc.), the insured and his/her family suddenly find themselves facing an unfamiliar situation, often dealing with the shock resulting from being bombarded with strange legal terms while simultaneously contending with the actual physical and personal injury.

This situation requires immediate dealing with terms such as life insurance, work disability, capital insurance, annuity insurance, death insurance, disability, severe illness, long-term care, health, National Insurance Institute, employer's liability, recourse and third party.  The reality is a market with a multitude of players, severe conflicts of interest, flawed structure, excessive regulation, a multitude of products, indifference, lack of cooperation and set-off of funds (!) between the various insurers.

How this "jungle" of terms is addressed may add up to a difference of hundreds of thousands of shekels in compensation for the insurance event.

We at Set Point! offer objective, professional and independent counseling, all focused on the best interest of you, the client.

At Set Point! you will find insurance experts, medical experts, economists, accountants, attorneys and actuaries who together form a seasoned team ready to help you plan and maximize your rights.